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Reviews: The Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200

The Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet stove is a popular item among customers at AES Hearthplace Stoveshop.  We happen to think its a great product, but we want to share actual reviews from our customers who use it everyday.  If you own a Classic Bay 1200 let us know what you think.  Do you recommend it?  Do you think it lives up to the manufacturer’s claims?

Here’s what Quadra-Fire has to say about the Classic Bay 1200.  Add a comment and tell us how it performs for you.  Thanks!

The Classic Bay 1200 delivers bold performance with ease. The impressive heating power with three heat settings is effortlessly controlled by a programmable thermostat or optional remote control. The stunning full bay view door is available in three finishes that will compliment any décor. The powerful heat of the Classic Bay 1200 will provide warmth for many years.

Height:  31 5/8
Front Width:  28 1/2
Depth:  27 5/8
Viewing area 13-7/8 x 11
BTU/Hour Input:  47,300

Available in Matte Black
Options:  Battery Operated Remote Control, Programmable Thermostat, Smart Stat

•    Bay door
•    Grille
•    3 piece ceramic log set
•    Ceramic brick refractory

3 Responses to Reviews: The Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200

  • Recently purchased this stove….It has exceeded our expectations….It has become our main heat source…..It is carbon neutral so more people should use these….I really love the heat it produces and it leaves a slight sweet aroma of wood burning….I wish I had installed it years ago….It should pay for itself in 2-3 years…and it adds value to the house…..Will post again for an update….

  • We purchased a Quadra Fire Stove 3 years ago and we love it. The main heat in our house was oil forced hot air, but since the Pellet Stove installation this has become our primary heat. We go through on average 2 – 2.5 tons a year (small ranch house) and have seen considerable savings on our heating bill. We have had no issues, and keeping it clean is simple. AES staff is very professional and they keep our stove in tip top shape with a yearly cleaning/inspection.

  • The Quadrafire stove is an awesome carefree unit…..We have owned a quadrafire stove for about 12 years and have vitrually “0” major problems with this unit….Of course you will always have the pellet that may get stuck in the auger or an Ignitor that may decide to stop working, ( we had that happen once in 12 years ), but other than that the stove is care free…..Cleaning is simple, and the guys at AES are sonderful in cleaning your unit completely before the next season…It is the opion of the writer tht you sill not find a more efficient, care free unit than the Quadrafire Pelet Stove…..Check em out…

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